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Ross Group provided prime contractor services for the selective demolition, structural repairs, and overall renovation of historical Hangar 58 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas.

Work included the repair of identified structural life safety issues and the remediation of structural steel maintenance issues in the hangar bay overhead space and lean-tos. Hangar floor slabs were refinished in both the east and west bays. The project also consisted of renovating all private offices, a weather center control room, a break room, administrative areas, conference rooms with movable partitions, restrooms, and a flight departure waiting area.

In addition to the structural repairs performed, Ross Group provided energy efficiency upgrades, including new HVAC central equipment and components, along with new aluminum interior storm windows throughout the facility. The team then provided new electrical and plumbing systems to support the upgrades.

Historic Hangar 58
NAS Corpous Christi, Texas

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