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Simplify operations and make processes more efficient.

Industrial construction requires a specific level of expertise to meet your energy and industrial projects head-on. Working with you, Ross Group focuses on creative engineering, planning, procurement, and construction to complete your facility. With the freedom to select from a broad range of delivery systems, you can approach and complete your project your way. Work with Ross Group.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Engineering (Ross Engineering)

General Facilities Construction

Construction Management

Project Management

Material Specification

Material Handling, Procurement, Delivery


Oil and Gas Processing

Liquid Handling

Petrochemical and Refinery

Aerospace and Defense

Why Ross Group Industrial?

  1. Experts in facility construction with a focus on new facility builds, facility plant expansions, and relocations.

  2. Quality

  3. Safety

  4. Cost Savings

Contract Vehicles

RGI Offers a variety of contract solutions to our clients which allow us to minimize risks for both parties while incentivizing a safe, quality product while meeting our client's budget and schedule requirements.

  • Hybrid Contracting

  • Time and Material (Cost Plus)

  • Time and Material (Not-To-Exceed)

  • Lump Sum

  • Performance Contracting

  • Open Book

Past Projects

Designing spaces and processes optimized to meet the unique considerations of your business.
Self Performed Work

Ross Group Industrial provides a full scope of facility construction services including self-performing the following services:

  • Pipe Vale Fitting Fabrication/Installation

  • Structural Steel Fabrication/Installation

  • Hydro-testing

  • Pneumatic testing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Certified Welding Inspection

  • Welding/Fabrication Services

  • Equipment Erection and Installation

  • Light Civil


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Learn more how Ross Group can simplify operations and make industrial building processes more efficient.

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