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American Airlines Cooling Tower 6

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Stats


15,300 GPM


Market Sector: Aviation, Commercial / Private

Attributes: Active Airfield, Occupied Facility

About the Project

American Airlines operates the world’s largest commercial aviation maintenance facility at Tulsa International Airport. More than 900 aircraft visit the facility for maintenance in an average year, and the huge base of operations employs more than 5,500 people to maintain, repair, and overhaul these aircraft and provide IT support. This project took place at the heart of this mission-critical complex and involved replacing the cooling tower that services the central utility plant for Hangar 5, Hangar 6, the warehouse, and CAM buildings on campus. 

The project began with the demolition of the three existing cooling tower cells, then installed a new steel frame built specially for the new towers. Next, the owner-furnished cooling towers were installed, in addition to the new condenser water supply and return piping. Throughout this process, Ross Group ensured continual condenser water production and limited the total downtime for the entire project to just 72 hours. 

With innovative problem-solving, Ross Group was able to complete the entire project on time and on budget, helping further the important mission of American Airlines’ maintenance complex.

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