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Industries we serve

Ross Group Industrial specializes in facility construction across multiple industries, providing solutions for projects such as new-builds, expansions, repairs, and relocations. Ross Group Industrial welcomes challenging projects and thrives by partnering with you from concept to completion. Our team takes pride in delivering safety focused, quality project execution in the industries below.

RGI Gas Processing

Oil and Gas Processing

Built to your specifications, Ross Group Industrial provides quality infrastructure that will maximize output. Our team is adept at working with you to provide time sensitive solutions for your midstream activities, such as gathering, compressing, processing, transporting, and storing natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs). Partnering with you, we apply our extensive experience to your project so you can improve production without breaking the bank.

RGI Liquid Handing

Liquid Handling

Ross Group Industrial is equipped to meet your liquid handling needs, whether your project involves gathering, storage, transportation, or treatment/separation. Working with the engineering team, we identify long lead items and proactively work with vendors and suppliers to compensate for supply chain issues to accommodate the fast-paced schedule demanded by these projects. Through upfront planning, pricing, and streamlining delivery, Ross Group Industrial has the capabilities to advance your project from concept to reality.

RGI Petrochemical and Refining

Petrochemical and Refining

Ross Group Industrial understands safety and schedule are among the foremost concerns in your petrochemical and refining facilities, where unknown challenges and tight spaces make construction particularly complex. Through exhaustive preconstruction planning, our team defines roles and communicates expectations to ensure the work is completed safely and with minimal downtime.

Aerospace and Defense

Ross Group Industrial’s experienced team is reaching new heights with aerospace and defense projects. We focus on implementing solutions to complex problems for the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers across the globe. Our expertise is concentrated in manufacturing and testing facilities, such as reverberant acoustic test facilities (RATF) and progressive wave tubes (PWT). Additionally, we specialize in vibration / impact testing and associated reaction masses, including the installation of related foundations, structures, and utilities.

RGI Aerospace and Defense


Learn how Ross Group can simplify operations and make industrial building processes more efficient.
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Mike Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Ross Group Industrial, is available to partner with you to achieve your project goals. 

Our team is ready to build your next project. Call Mike at 405.264.2208 or send us a message.


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