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Meet Ross Group Industrial!

We are a turnkey, heavy industrial construction group, providing quality, fast-tracked projects for an array of clients nationwide.

Industrial construction is in a league of its own, from the scale of the materials to the speed at which projects must be delivered. Ross Group Industrial is specifically configured to meet your needs head-on. As part of our full suite of EPC capabilities, we offer in-house engineering, fabrication, installation, and other craft labor services to complete your projects within your time frame.


Ross Group Industrial specializes in facility construction across multiple industries, providing solutions for projects such as new-builds, expansions, repairs, and relocations. Ross Group Industrial welcomes challenging projects and thrives by partnering with you from concept to completion. Our team takes pride in delivering safety focused, quality project execution in the industries below.

RGI Industries

Self Performed Work

In addition to Ross Group Engineering’s in-house design capabilities, Ross Group Industrial self-performs several craft labor categories for our clients. Our expert team fabricates and installs process pipe, platforms, stiffeners, stairs, railings, pipe supports, and related components. This offers advantages in labor savings, mitigates potential schedule impacts, and expedites field installations to maximize the value of our services. A further sampling of our self-performed services includes:


  • Pipe Valve Fitting Fabrication/Installation

  • Structural Steel Fabrication/Installation

  • Hydro-testing

  • Pneumatic Testing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Certified Welding Inspection

  • Welding/Fabrication Services

  • Equipment Erection and Installation

  • Light Civil


With in-house engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction, Ross Group Industrial partners with you from the earliest phases of design or any stage through project completion. We unite all the experts across the project life cycle at the beginning, so you can attain speed to market while realizing your project goals. This makes our team adept at mitigating the current supply chain, material, and labor shortages we see in today’s industrial market.


Our services include:


  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

  • Design-Bid-Build

  • Construction Management

  • Project Management Consulting

  • Fabrication

Contract Vehicles

Ross Group Industrial offers a variety of contract solutions that allow us to minimize risks for both parties while incentivizing a safe, quality product and meeting our client’s budget and schedule requirements.  We offer:


  • Hybrid Contracting

  • Time and Material (Cost Plus)

  • Time and Material (Not-To-Exceed)

  • Lump Sum

  • Performance Contracting

RGI Self Performed Work
RGI Services
RGI Contract Vehicles

Working in the historically dangerous energy sector has its challenges; however, Ross Group Industrial’s value, commitment, and approach to safety has led to great success with our team going home injury free. From heavy lifting with cranes to performing tests on the final product, our primary focus is ensuring the well-being of everyone involved. By establishing a positive safety culture and effectively communicating expectations, we see true buy-in from our team and trade partners, fully integrating safety into all aspects of what we do.

  • TWIC

  • DISA


  • Veriforce

  • OSHA 10 and 30

RGI Safety


Learn how Ross Group can simplify operations and make industrial building processes more efficient.


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Tommy Shara, Vice President of Ross Group Industrial, is available to partner with you to achieve your project goals. 

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Our team is ready to build your next project. Call Tommy at 405.264.2245 or send us a message.
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