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Meet Ross Group Construction!

We are a dedicated and collaborative general contractor who takes pride in our clients' satisfaction.

Centrally located in Oklahoma we serve government, commercial, and private clients across the country. Experienced in both urban and rural project settings, we understand that a cost-effective and timely project requires excellent management with clear communication and proper oversight. Ross Group has decades of practical experience and a dedication to every project we touch. With experience in a variety of market sectors, Ross Group is focused on bringing your vision to reality. Our goal is to partner with you, understand your needs, and help you achieve your goals for the project. From concept to final product, our team will guide you through every nuance of the construction process.

Market Sectors

As trusted leaders and accomplished innovators in a variety of market sectors, from historical renovations to new office buildings to aviation to education, Ross Group’s goal is to collaborate with you to bring your project to life. Our top market sectors include:

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RGC Safety

You have many concerns when preparing for your construction projects. Safety shouldn’t be one of them. Ross Group is dedicated to creating a culture of safety on every job site so you can focus on the purpose for the project. Ross Group approaches health and safety with the mentality of a coach or a mentor. Clear communication, proper training, and strategic planning are key elements to ensure the safety and health of everyone associated with the project. This coaching approach allows us to enforce and regulate health and safety, and also foster a positive safety culture on our project sites and within our company. Keeping our staff, subcontractors, clients, and current tenants safe is our top priority, and creating and maintaining a safe environment is paramount to our company values.



Learn how Ross Group can make your vision for your project a reality.


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Zach Perkins, Business Development Manager, is available to partner with you to achieve your project goals. 

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Our team is ready to build your next project. Call Zach at 918.878.2860 or send us a message.
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