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The Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers (CRNF) Plant is the only fertilizer facility in North America that uses a petroleum coke gasification process to produce hydrogen, a key ingredient in the nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing process. This “blue” fertilizer plant includes a gasifier complex, a 1,300 ton-per-day ammonia unit, and a 3,000 ton-per-day urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) unit. Its unique design abates a large portion of the nitrous oxide in the unit while minimizing the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To improve plant reliability and increase capacity at this important facility, Ross Group Engineering designed a redundant carbon dioxide compressor, an additional high-pressure ammonia pump, and the associated foundation package. 

The most complex aspect of the design was the 270 CY foundation for the carbon dioxide compressor, which is 3’ thick under the motor to accommodate the weight and vibration sensitivity of the equipment. Since the foundation also acts as the skid for the carbon dioxide compressor, tolerances for the foundation were required to be within a tenth of an inch in some areas. Ross Group Engineering worked closely with the client and its construction counterpart, Ross Group Industrial, to complete the intricate structural design for the project on time. 

Ross Group Engineering also designed the piping, structural steel, platform through the existing racks, and electrical instrumentation and controls to tie into the existing plant. The project was located in the heart of the plant with limited site access and unknown, abandoned utility pipelines obstructing the new equipment. Our team completed a 3D laser scan and hydro excavation to identify underground piping. With this detailed data extracted, we designed an intricate piping system that met the needs of the constrained project footprint. 

During construction, Ross Group Engineering also provided on-site engineering support and construction administration services for our Ross Group Industrial division. Through these efforts, the project was successfully completed. 

CO2 Compressor for a Fertilizer Plant
Coffeyville, Kansas

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