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This in-house design-build project consisted of the design and construction of a harp style 3000BBL expandable to 5000BBL slug catcher. It consisted of eight 36” fingers running 320' on an elevated helical pile foundation system, a 40’ vessel with an operating pressure of 1350 PSI, and a catwalk system for access. 

The client wanted a cost effect design that allowed for future expansion, so our engineering team used lessons learned from previous projects for this client to develop the design. The project site also contained unpredictable soft soils with foreign debris, so to mitigate this issue our team designed a unique helical pile foundation system to support the slug catcher.

 ​The collaborative effort between Ross Group Engineering and Ross Group Industrial reduced the budget significantly and engineered the slug catcher with minimal downtime for the owner.

Harp Style Slug Catcher

 Canton, Oklahoma

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