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Ross Group Industrial provided this design-bid-build expansion project that added four new compressors to an existing gas plant. Our team installed a new 12” inlet suction header to tie into the existing inlet slug catcher with pressure control valves and metering. They also installed four Caterpillar 3516 natural gas-powered reciprocating compressor skids, helical pile and concrete pipe rack, supports, and foundations.  Ross Group Industrial installed all piping, valves, fittings, instrumentation for the gas suction and discharge; high- and low-pressure liquid drains; fuel gas; start air; and instrument air for the compressors. During the project, the owner asked us to tie into and modify the gas dehydration piping and install a new heat exchanger located in the gas plant. 

The project faced several challenges, such as multiple changes with the complex compressor and piping installation at the gas  plant, which our team successfully managed by field routing and pipe welding without impacting the schedule.

Gas Plant Compression Expansion
Carmen, Oklahoma

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