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Ross Group Engineering and Ross Group Industrial completed this design-build EPC project together, which involved constructing a centralized separation facility for oil production wells. 

Our client was faced with the challenge of needing a new facility design and an estimate for investor approval, as well as fast track delivery. Our team developed a design and construction solution that accommodated an incoming pipeline of 10,000 bpd of produced oil and 3,000 bpd of produced water, including entrained natural gas. The project included three new above-ground field-erected tanks (210,000 gallon each), 785 hp of gas compression (225 hp screw and 560 hp recip), 600-gpm high-pressure pumps, heated separators, in ground and pre-cast foundation systems, structural steel support structures, injection pump building erection, secondary containment, truck loading and unloading bays, and supporting piping and instrumentation. Utilities included water, drains, gas service, and all connections. Electrical and communications work included the control systems, primary and secondary service, communications, pad mounted transformers, Capstone C1000 generator, site lighting, automatic tank gauging system, and grounding.

The collaborative effort between Ross Group’s Industrial and Engineering teams ensured a successful project delivery by planning, optimizing, and pricing the new facility to advance the project from concept to reality. After being awarded the EPC contract, Ross Group used a phased fast-track delivery method to complete the project on time and within budget.

Central Liquids Facility
Counselor, New Mexico

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