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Blood Processing Center

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Project Stats


16,364 sq. ft.

New Construction

Market Sector(s): Government, Healthcare

Attributes: Efficient Patient Flow, Expedited Construction Schedule, LEED Silver Certifiable, Phased Construction, State-of-the-Art Facility  

About the Project

This design-build project involved constructing a new 16,364 sq. ft. blood processing center, providing a new healthcare facility for the Armed Services Blood Program. Considered a “world-class facility,” the new blood processing center design is compatible and complementary to the context of the area, providing an inviting aesthetic for the troops and civilians that visit. 

The building design contains five distinct areas of operation: common areas, collections, processing and testing, storage and shipping, and administration. Areas of operation are grouped together to work cohesively based on function and ensure an efficient, patient/donor and family-centered environment. The primary donor common area consists of a reception area, facility support areas, screening rooms, and restrooms. The technical half of the facility contains the processing and testing, storage and shipping, and administration areas of operation. These areas include additional security measures due to the sensitive nature and safety of the blood processing, testing, and storing.

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