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Claremore Indian Hospital

Claremore, Oklahoma

Project Stats


3,600 sq. ft.


Market Sector: Healthcare, Native / Tribal

Attributes: Constricted Project Site, Occupied Facility

About the Project

The goal of this project was to reconfigure existing space to expand the emergency services department, which was accomplished by removing the existing offices, mail room, and general storage areas. Spaces that were added include two triage rooms, four exam rooms, a waiting room with a new reception/check in area, a nurse’s station, restrooms, and a staff lounge. Each exam room was supplied with new headwalls and gurney docking stations. 

The project took place while the facility remained occupied and functional. IHS initially thought this would require phasing for the new exam rooms and waiting area; however, the project team proposed and successfully implemented an innovative construction plan that eliminated the need for complex phasing. The team renovated both the exam rooms and waiting area at the same time, rather than in phases. They provided temporary hallways and barriers throughout the space, allowing access to the physical therapy area that was operational and located in the construction zone. The team completed some work at night, always coordinating this work with the hospital. This plan also allowed the construction team to enter the work zone through their own door in the exterior of the building, which avoided interruptions to other hospital departments, reduced the risk of infections. 

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