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Ross Group Engineering completed a feasibility study exploring the possibility of transporting captured carbon from an existing coal-fired power plant in northwestern New Mexico to a nearby interstate CO2 pipeline. Our team researched potential methods for completing the project, provided conceptual cost estimates, and created a detailed report explaining our findings. 

The planned pipeline would collect CO2 secured from the flue/exhaust CO2 slipstream of the power plant and transport it approximately 20 miles via a 16” diameter, high-pressure pipeline. Ross Group Engineering explored a number of critical variables required to complete the project, including routing and right of way for the pipeline, road and river crossings, environmental impacts, and Native American archeological constraints. Additionally, our team considered the corrosive nature of carbonic acid in the conceptual design and developed a detailed process flow diagram of the entire alignment. To round out the study, our engineers provided budgetary cost estimates to the client for consideration.  

CO2 Pipeline Design
San Juan, New Mexico

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