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Ross Group provided hydraulic modeling analysis for Phases 1, 2, and 3 of a crude oil gathering system. After a thorough kick-off meeting in which client expectations and goals were reviewed and confirmed, our team began building the hydraulic model, layering in the expected volume forecasts and expansion plans and performing pressure, surge, and capacity analysis. The pipeline in question has a maximum allowable operating pressure of 550 psig with pipes ranging in diameter from 8” to 16”. The analysis took into consideration the produced volume projections per well and timeline, and the resulting report included pressure, pressure drops, volume, critical surge points, and any areas of concern.


Our engineering team  provided alignment sheets, production volumes, and pumping rates, plus a report on hydraulic modeling of all phases and recommended engineering improvements. Through the analysis we determined there were no hydraulic concerns in Phases 1 and 2 and the pipeline is adequately sized for the maximum expected average rates. Based on the analysis recommendations were made for Phase 3.


The project was completed on a fast-tracked schedule in less than one month. Ross Group went on to assist the client with hydraulic modeling and feasibility studies for additional pumps, as well as engineering services for truck loading terminals. 

Crude Oil Pipeline
Blaine County, Oklahoma

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