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Constructed to serve the Eufaula community, this new 80,000 sq. ft. clinic is home to multiple medical departments including primary care, behavioral health, radiology, audiology, physical therapy, dialysis, and preventative care, among others. Support spaces include waiting areas, document storage, material storage, physicians’ offices, break areas, an exercise room, and locker/changing rooms.

A key element of this project was to ensure the facility projected a calming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for patients. This was accomplished by including a few features unique to this building, such as the use of phenolic panelling to create a tree-shaped pattern along the facility’s exterior and at the reception areas of each department; as well as the small glass atrium located at the center of the building, which houses plants and trees and is visible throughout the main corridor.

Eufaula Indian Health Center

 Eufaula, Oklahoma

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