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Meet the Team: Faces of Ross Group Construction

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

At Ross Group, building structures from mere ideas requires excellent coordination, expertise, and teamwork. Each team member brings their unique perspective, talents, and experience to the table, which helps the company achieve its goal of delivering high-quality projects that meet clients' needs. But behind every project are people with personal stories, aspirations, and interests. Step into the world of Ross Group Construction through our first Faces of Ross Group blog, where we introduce you to some of the team members who bring this company to life.

Our first profile is Trey Andrews, a Senior Project Manager with almost nine years of experience at Ross Group. Trey joined the company after active-duty service in the Army. He had residential construction experience and contacted Ross Group for an interview, leading to his Project Engineer hire. He spent 18 months on a project in Wichita, Kansas, before returning to the Tulsa office, where he was eventually promoted to assistant project manager and then project manager. After a few years, he was promoted to senior project manager because of his hard work and dedication. One of the most interesting projects Trey has worked on is Jacob's Lofts, which is an apartment building located in downtown Tulsa. What set this project apart from the others was that Trey and the site supervisor, Ken Baker, had significant influence over the building's design and construction. As an assistant project manager at the time, having that level of control over the final product was meaningful to Trey. He also worked on a project to improve a barracks at Fort Johnson (formerly Fort Polk), where providing new, modern living quarters for soldiers was gratifying, given that Trey was once a soldier who lived in the barracks. Outside of work, Trey spends time with his family and friends and enjoys playing golf. When asked what differentiates Ross Group from other construction companies, Trey cites the company's culture and how well he has been treated over the years. Ross Group took a chance on a young, inexperienced Trey, and he has always remembered that.

Next, we'd like to introduce you to Armida Soto, one of Ross Group's Site Safety Health Officers. Armida stumbled upon the role while working with a previous employer and was drawn to Ross Group's benefits and professional team during her interview process. What sets Ross Group apart for Armida is the opportunity to interact with leadership, including CEO Warren, during leadership’s visits to project sites. While all of her projects with Ross Group have been engaging, Armida finds the growth within the government sector to be the most exciting. Outside of work, Armida enjoys caring for her house and yard, working out, and spending time with her family. Something people may not know about Armida is that she tends to keep to herself and is generally reserved. Her best advice for succeeding in a male-dominated industry is to have faith in yourself and Jesus Christ.

Let’s move on to Robert Eblacas, one of Ross Group's Quality Control Managers. Robert's journey to his current role at Ross Group began 13 years ago when he was hired as a Site Safety and Health Officer for the San Clemente Border Patrol Station project. During that project, he filled in for Quality Control, doing daily reports in RMS, which piqued his interest in the quality control side of construction. After doing an excellent job, he was asked to travel to Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood), and take on the role full-time, a challenge he gladly accepted. The best advice Robert has ever received about working in this industry is to keep learning and expanding his skill set. Whether in his current position or a different one, the more he learns, the more valuable he becomes to the company, as he has shown time and time again. The most interesting job Robert worked on was building a fitness center with a suspended four-lane running track and an indoor swimming pool at Cannon Air Force Base. Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Robert and his team were able to complete the project on time and within budget, a feat that Robert is very proud of. Outside of work, Robert spends most of his time with his kids, exploring different lakes and beaches in Texas. He also enjoys camping, fishing, and spending time with other family members and friends. When he's not out and about, you'll find him working on his lawn or taking care of tasks around the house.

Now, meet Micah, an accomplished member of the Ross Group team who initially joined the company as an intern while studying at Oklahoma State University. Today, Micah serves as an assistant superintendent, a position he earned after starting as an onsite project engineer. However, during the renovation of the Tulsa Club Hotel in downtown Tulsa, he discovered his true passion for field supervision. In Micah's opinion, what sets Ross Group apart from others in the industry is its ability to effectively manage private, public, and government projects through the expertise of its team members. Micah finds the construction industry's constantly evolving nature and limitless potential exciting. One valuable lesson he's learned from his experiences is that the devil is in the details. When he's not working, Micah enjoys spending time at the lake, participating in water sports and fishing, and is a dedicated college football fan.

Our last profile is Brandy Wilson, Project Controls Manager. After completing her accounting degree in 2006, Brandy used a job placement agency to find her first job as a receptionist at a commercial construction company. Despite this role being unrelated to accounting, she became interested in the industry and began learning about project control functions which led her to Ross Group. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Brandy can confidently say that there's no other profession she'd rather have. When asked for advice she has received throughout her career, Brandy emphasizes the significance of maintaining high standards and checking one's work. In terms of what distinguishes Ross Group from other companies in the industry, Brandy believes it's Ross Group's exceptional people: Despite their differences, they all manage to work together and accomplish the task at hand. When she isn't at work, Brandy loves spending time at the lake or camping and watching football in the fall.

At Ross Group, everyone's unique qualities and experiences contribute to the company's success. By introducing members of the team through this blog, we hope to give you a deeper understanding of the people behind the projects. With a talented and dedicated team like Ross Group, the possibilities for innovation and success in the construction industry are endless!



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