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National Military Appreciation Month

Most everyone is familiar with Memorial Day at the end of May, but did you know that May is National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM)? This American observance is dedicated to the people who are currently in the military or have resigned from duty. It was established in 1999 by Congress, who chose May because of the many military-related observances celebrated and observed during the month, such as Memorial Day, Victory in Europe (VE) Day, Loyalty Day, and Children of Fallen Patriots Day.

As a federal construction contractor, Ross Group is proud to support our military. Whether it’s providing renovated barracks, a new training facility, or updating an installation’s infrastructure, we are committed to supporting the military and assisting them in achieving their missions. One example is the construction of a new Visiting Quarters at Little Rock AFB.

Little Rock AFB is home to the largest C-130 base in the world, including the 314th Airlift Wing of the U.S. Air Force and the 189th Airlift Wing of the Arkansas National Guard. Both of these units train C-130 crews and maintenance personnel from the Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard, as well as 47 allied nations, making this the Department of Defense’s largest international flight training program worldwide. To support this important mission, Ross Group completed a new 250-unit, four-story Visiting Quarters Facility to house visiting active duty, retired military, and National Guard and Reserve personnel during their training on base.

The existing visiting quarters were old and had issues that accumulate in older buildings such as leaks and mold. This new facility provides a clean, upgraded space for visiting active duty, retired military, and National Guard and Reserve personnel who need temporary lodging on the base.

The facility is more than just a hotel. A bar and café area is being added to the common space to increase areas on base for service personnel to hang out and find entertainment. This is critical for trainees, as well as others, to let off some steam and relax so they can be fully present and refreshed for their training.

In addition to showing our appreciation by constructing facilities for the military, Ross Group also supports our veterans through hiring and mentoring veterans and performing acts of service through local nonprofit organizations that support veterans, such as Tulsa’s Coffee Bunker ( or the Warriors for Freedom ( in Oklahoma City. However, we know that our contributions pale in comparison to the sacrifices made by our service members. While working on projects on military installations, we see firsthand the efforts that our military extends 24x7, every day of the year.

So how can you show your support and say thank you to our military service members? According to*, here are 11 ways you can demonstrate your appreciation:

  1. Display the American Flag at your home or business.

  2. Show your support on social media with #MilitaryAppreciationMonth.

  3. Share, like, comment, post, and re-post on social media to put a spotlight on NMAM events and observances.

  4. Send a care package to a soldier.

  5. Encourage elected officials at all levels to recognize our military and veterans.

  6. See someone in uniform or know a veteran? Thank them for their service or surprise them with a coffee, dessert, or drink if they are in line with you.

  7. Teachers and students can honor or recognize the designated days in their (online) classrooms.

  8. Businesses can honor and recognize the month through their websites, social media, and newsletters.

  9. Donate to a veteran or military charity.

  10. Reach out to a veteran or military family in need.

  11. Hire a Veteran.

Through our construction projects, we have the privilege of working closely with the men and women who serve our country. Each day, we witness their unwavering dedication and commitment to protecting our nation. In honor of NMAM, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude and appreciation for these heroes. During this month, and throughout the year, we thank them for their service, sacrifice, and commitment to protecting our way of life.



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