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Middle School Renovation

Stroud, Oklahoma

Project Stats


18,183 sq. ft.


Market Sector(s): Education / Pre-K - 12

Attributes: Ballistic Storefront System

About the Project

Ross Group completed the CMAR renovation of the existing middle school building for Stroud Public Schools, transforming the facility into an administrative building for the school’s staff. Similar to the renovation of the previous high school facility that we performed, the largest scope of work involved removing the existing gas fire heating units and A/C window units and replacing them with a new HVAC system. This required modifying the roof to accommodate the new equipment. 


To make the building more energy efficient and safe, Ross Group replaced all the existing windows and exterior doors, door frames, and storefront. Additionally, our team updated the electrical service to current codes and installed a new fire sprinkler system, including a new fire hydrant connecting to the existing water main across the street. A new fire alarm system with strobe lights was also installed in the building. 

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