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This engineering project included civil, structural, mechanical, piping, instrument, and electrical engineering, as well as design and procurement services. The compressor station contained three existing 1500hp electric drive reciprocating compressor units and was designed to accommodate an additional compressor unit. A double-walled lube oil tank was added for the additional compressor unit. The engineering design increased the capacity of the facility from 15 MMSCFD to 20 MMSCFD with the addition of the new compressor unit.

The design also included the addition of two new Sulfatreat towers, to operate in parallel with the two existing Sulfatreat towers, allowing for increased capacity. These towers are used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide. 

The design was challenged by inaccurate existing facility documentation and the team made the engineering effort to verify all facility documentation manually. The success of this project has led to numerous other projects and a continued relationship with the client.

Williams Compressor Station Expansion 

Williams County, North Dakota

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